At CI, we are proactive in communicating with our clients - whether it's to schedule a meeting or to inform a client of an important development affecting his or her business interests. In addition, we provide state-of-the-art reports and tax-efficient management where appropriate.


Our clients receive transaction notices for every trade and a monthly account statement that summarizes the purchases or sales that have occurred during that month. Also, each quarter, our clients receive a comprehensive report that details the value and composition of their portfolio assets. Our clients depend on these clear, precise reports detailing the performance of their investment accounts. Their accountants especially like the quarterly and year-end activity summary, which is of great assistance during tax planning and preparation.

Tax Accounting and Planning

Private investors and families often have special tax considerations. Not only do we provide customized reports designed to greatly ease the accounting burden, but we employ a Certified Financial Planner who works closely with our clients' attorneys and accountants to design and implement prudent estate and tax planning strategies.

Custodian Selection

CI is an independent Registered Investment Advisor and as such does not take physical custody of your investment securities. The Securities and Exchange Commission prohibits an investment advisor from holding client assets. This not only protects the client, but the manager as well. Our clients may select from the following institutions to serve as custodian of their assets: Bank Trust Departments, Private Trust Companies and Brokerage Firms. If a client has no preference, CI has a special relationship with a division of Wells Fargo Advisors. Our client support staff is highly experienced in working with all types of custodians and can assist in a trouble-free transfer of investment assets to First Clearing LLC, a division of Wells Fargo.