Our Investment Philosophy

First and foremost, our definitive goal is to respect and preserve our client’s capital. Regardless of market conditions, we dedicate ourselves to structuring wealth management plans to expect the unexpected and deal with real world conditions.

Capital ldeas Advisors model is based on multiple money managers and we believe this gives us a superior perspective and the ability to structure portfolios for both protection and growth. Our history indicates we have been successful.

Collectively we share a long-term performance viewpoint to investing and understand that a mix of the “here-and-now” blends well with our ability to search the horizon for financial opportunities others might not see.

Since 1984, Capital Ideas has been building confidence with our clients and offering a solutions-based approach to the design of their investment portfolios. These concepts represent more than just a philosophy to us. Our level of personal service, the time we take to research and evaluate our clients’ goals and the confidence we have in our team is all part of an aggressive action plan to do what we do best: preserve, protect and build wealth.